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Green+Aquamarine: May 2014

Friday, 30 May 2014

Homemade Almond Butter

I have a confession to make... I really, really, hate peanut butter. Just eurg. The thought of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups makes me feel quite ill. It is quite annoying, since it is used as a binding agent for lots of delicious sounding raw bars and snacks. I have always been curious to try alternative nut butters, but have never got around to it. So the other morning, since I am on study leave now, I decided to make my own. And it is so simple!

As much almonds/nuts as you want (140g will fill an average jar)
That's it! But you could also add honey, cinnamon, salt, coconut oil... whatever takes your fancy! I left mine plain so that I could have a bit more flexibility with flavours depending on my mood as I snacked.

Optional: roast the nuts for 12-15 minutes under a grill at 180 degrees/ Gas Mark 4
Simply blizt up the nuts in a food processor. If yours is a bit old, loud or weak, I'd suggest pre-chopping.
Leave the nuts blending, occasionally using a spatula to scrape the sides down.This may take in excess of ten to fifteen minutes, but eventually the dusty, lumpy mess will turn into a thick, creamy paste.

When you've reached the desired consistency, stop and scoop it all out into a jar. Make sure that it is well sealed and kept in the fridge.
Snacks and revision with a view!
This is definitely my new favourite study snack -either plain on some homemade sourdough from the market, or with a little honey on wholemeal toast. Add it to to your smoothies, bars or any other snack calling for peanut butter.

Have you ever tried nut butters before?

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Monday, 12 May 2014

Summer Wishlist

A couple of months ago, I posted a Fitness Wishlist for spring/summer, and I thought I'd do a more general one for summer, since my final school summer holiday is fast approaching. (Eek!) There's a mixture of things here, to see me from beach (I wish!) to yoga to days out. Time to start saving...Summer Wishlist

H&amp;M Jersey top

1. H&M Jersey Top, £7.99
I love this vest. It comes in lots of patterns and colours, so I would be tempted to get more than one. The straps have sweet cut out detailing. It would look lovely with jeans, shorts, maxi skirts and even in white with the leggings featured above.
Activewear pants

2. Sweaty Betty Chandrasana Yoga Capris £55.00

This would be a definite splurge! Bright, patterned yoga leggings are my current thing to covet. True to Sweaty Betty design, these are high waisted, fully flexible and opaque.

3.Sweaty Betty Purity Bikini -£45.00 (top) and £40.00 (bottoms)

Hands up who's ever felt less than confident with bikini's behaving and keeping you covered? I'm hoping that a sports brand bikini would alleviate this issue. Nautical stipes are something that I find flattering for my pale skin, and the greys and pink of this set is lovely. The double-stranded ties are a nice touch too.

Jack Wills Milby Bag

4. Jack Wills Milby Bag £34.50

Probably too small to even fit my purse in, but it is a classic design in acid green and I love it!

Vans Authentic Mint Trainers
5. Vans £38.00

Not sure whether to commit to the Vans or Converse bandwagon yet, but I am in need of some canvas shoes to bridge the gap between winter ankle boots and summer sandles.

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